• Livelihoods Fund, L’Oceanium de Dakar


    This project is looking at mangrove restoration in the areas of Casamace and Sine Saloum, where factors such as construction, overharvesting, and urban development are causing rapid loss of mangrove ecosystems. This is the biggest mangrove restoration to date with more than 10,000 hectares already planted. The goals of this project are to ensure restoration and then long-term conservation of mangroves and to improve livelihoods for impoverished communities. The latter is accomplished with the return of ecosystem services, such as restored shellfish populations relied upon by sustenance fishers. The initial work includes replanting mangroves where needed and also working closely with local populations. This is done as a way to partner and engage with local communities and to transfer responsibility to the local communities for overseeing and managing their own resources.

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