Blue Carbon Policy Working Group

The Policy Working Group provides the policy foundation of the Blue Carbon Initiative. Expert members of the Working Group focus on

  • Providing a framework for policy development that maximizes conservation of carbon in coastal  ecosystems and mobilizes the implementation of that framework; and
  • Building an integrated blue carbon community that supports policy implementation.

To work toward these goals, the Working Group is

  • Developing new policy measures and financial incentives where needed, to enhance climate change mitigation through conservation, restoration and sustainable use of blue carbon;
  • Identifying current climate, coastal and ocean policy issues and opportunities and evaluating the applicability to blue carbon conservation, restoration, and sustainable use;
  • Supporting the highest priority activities identified by the Working Group; and
  • Identifying additional policy and economic analysis and necessary partnerships to implement policy priorities.

The Working Group consists of experts in environmental policy and economics and project implementation from within the climate change and marine conservation communities. The Working Group was formed in July 2011 to support activities that identify opportunities to integrate and implement blue carbon ecosystems in existing policy frameworks. The Working Group collaborates with blue carbon scientific experts to ensure the most current and accurate science is available to decision-makers at the highest levels of government.

Policy Working Group Members

Aricò, Salvatore
Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO
Bonells, Marcela
Scientific & Technical Support Officer, Ramsar Convention Secretariat — Policy expert
Codero, Doris
International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) – Forestry expert
Crooks, Steve
Silvestrum Climate Associates, USA. Expertise; Wetland scientist, geomorphology, sedimentology and wetlands restoration.
Emmer, Igino
Silvestrum — Policy, forestry and climate change expert
Emmett-Mattox, Steve
Policy expert
Fourqurean, James
Florida International University — Marine and estuarine ecologist, seagrasses expert
Herr, Dorothee
International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) — Policy expert
Howard, Jennifer
Conservation International (CI) – Marine climate change expert
Isensee, Kirsten
Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of the United Nations Educational, Social, and Cultural Organization (IOC-UNESCO)
Kauffman, Boone
Oregon State University — Mangroves, research ecologist, tropical wetlands and forests expert
Laffoley, Daniel
Marine Science and Conservation, Global Marine & Polar Programme, IUCN — Climate change policy expert
Lee, Donna
Independent Consultant — International climate change policy and negotiations, AFOLU / LULUCF, and REDD+ expert
Murray, Brian
Nicholas Institute of Environmental Policy Solutions and the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University — Policy and economics expert
Pidgeon, Emily
Conservation International (CI) — Environmental engineering and coastal oceanography expert
Prislan, Heidi
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australian Government and International Partnership for Blue Carbon
Streck, Charlotte
Climate Focus — Policy expert
Trines, Eveline
Scope14+ — Policy, LULUCF, and UNFCCC expert
von Unger, Moritz
Silvestrum Climate Associates, International blue carbon policy
Ulate, Ricardo
Conservation International (CI) — Policy expert